Clinical and Medical Case Studies

About Clinical and Medical Case Studies

The Clinical and Medical Case Studies represent systematic presentation of complete patient care under clinical setup. These case studies promote qualitative and compassionate patient care on all dimensions.

The journal aims to present unique case reports in a comprehensive manner on a broad spectrum of medical conditions ranging from regular clinical approaches to psycho-sociological and emotional dimensions. The journal publications assists the medical practitioners in the form of realistic decision support platform and helping them to predict the possible outcomes, offers medical solution options, and valuable experience based professional insights and authentic perspectives on typical and atypical cases for successful management of the patients.

The coverage of the journal includes all organ and organ systems, most prevalent diseases across the lifespan of different age and physiological groups of patients. The journal emphasizes on presenting the case studies in a standard format and composition that includes etiology, pathophysiology, evidence-based information, additional reading references, medical codes, educational topics, legal information thus expanding the scope of scientific inquiry. The journal archive contains articles that provide the presentation of illness, symptomatology, review of medical systems, case histories and other clinical findings, which form a ready source of reference for the practicing physicians in diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients. The journal garners interest among physicians, nurses, medical practitioners, primary health care workers, intensive care specialists, anaesthesiologists, emergency medicine personnel and surgeons.

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