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Dr. Rajendra D Badgaiyan

Dr. Rajendra D Badgaiyan

Departments of Internal Medicine and Nanomedicine,
University of California San Diego, USA


Dr. Rajendra D. Badgaiyan, MD, is the Chief of Psychiatry at South Texas Veterans Health Care System San Antonio, Texas, and Professor of Psychiatry at Long School of Medicine, University of Texas Health, San Antonio, Texas. Dr Badgaiyan went to medical school in Bhopal, India and trained in cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging in University of Oregon, University of Pittsburgh and Harvard University. After completing psychiatry residency at Harvard Medical Schoolhe was inducted in its faculty as an Assistant professor. In addition to Harvard he had faculty positions at SUNY Buffalo and University of Minnesota as a tenured full Professor. He also served as the Chairman of Psychiatry Department and Professor of Psychiatry in a hospital affiliated to Icahn School of Medicine at Mt Sinai, New York. Dr Badgaiyan developed a neurotransmitter imaging technique called the single scan dynamic molecular imaging technique (SDMIT) or neurotransmitter imaging technique to detect, map, and measure neurotransmitters released acutely in the live human brain. Using this technique, he studies dopaminergic control of human cognition and behavior. He has received several prizes and awards including the prestigious Solomon Prize of Harvard Medical School and BK Anand National Research Prize in India. His research is funded by the National Institutes of Health, Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Dana Foundation and other agencies. Dr Badgaiyan has published over 200 research papers, book chapters and a book titled ‘Neuroscience of the Nonconscious Mind’ (Elsevier/Academic Press).

Research Interest

Neuroimaging, Psychiatry, Cognitive Neuroscience