Endocrinology and Diabetes Management

About Endocrinology and Diabetes Management

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder resulting in a debilitating condition due to high blood sugar content and its prevalence is expanding in proportion all across the world. Endocrinology is the branch of medicine that deals with the study of organ and organ systems that secrete hormones. Endocrinology includes diabetes, thyroid disease, metabolic disorders, hormonal imbalances, menopause, osteoporosis, cholesterol & lipid disorders, infertility, birth control, growth retardations and glandular cancers.

This journal provides a comprehensive coverage of all types of diabetic conditions including the screening, etiology, prevention, symptomatology, diagnosis, clinical examinations and investigations and management of diabetes, endocrine diseases, and glandular systems and associated clinical complications. The specialized fields of studies covered by the journal include disorders associated with thyroid, pancreas, the adrenal, pituitary, hypothalamus, pineal glands, endocrine replacement therapy, chronic fatigue, endocrine surgery, obesity, complementary and alternate therapies. The journal focuses on the clinical investigations and management of patients with endocrine and diabetic disorders.

The stimulating and comprehensive scientific presentation of the journal on diverse aspects of endocrinology and diabetes is referred by medical students, interns, doctors, diabetologists, general physicians, surgeons, pharmacists, endocrinologists, internal medicine physicians, general medicine physicians, residents and other health care providers dealing with endocrine diseases including diabetes. The editorial board of the journal comprises of renowned international group of endocrinology and subject experts.