Journal of Allergy and Immunology Research

About Journal of Allergy and Immunology Research

Journal of Allergy and Immunology Research is an open access, peer reviewed international journal publishes articles based on the recent finding on the clinical immunology , immune system (innate and adaptive immunity), allergy, immunoendocrinology, auto immunity, immunologic tolerance, organ allocation, molecular immunology and vaccination.

Journal focuses on biochemical and genetic mechanism of cells and molecules of the immune system. It encourages submitting the original research articles, review articles, commentaries, editorials that falls under the scope of Immunology and vaccines and disseminating the scientific knowledge to the readers.

Journal Highlights: Infection, allergy, autoimmunity, immunology, vaccines, bone marrow transplantation, cell death and immune response, immunogenetics, lymphoid tissues, tumour immunology, translational immunology, vaccines, etc.