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Article Reprints & Permissions

  • The article reprints either in electronic or hard copy formats represent an authentic documented contribution of the authors and can be used for promotional, education and commercial purposes. Reprints form a medium of outreach to the targeted audience who generally prefer the original and copyrighted version for reliability.
  • Publisher and Journal branded reprints form a source of reference for granting of permissions for the published copyrighted content.
  • The publisher issues both the printed and electronic authentic versions of the article reprints for academic, promotional or commercial purposes as requested by the authors, readers, digital resource distributors, research funding bodies, institutions and commercial organizations.
  • The publisher undertakes bulk production of both individual use and commercial use reprints as requested by the user.
  • The publisher grants necessary permission for inclusion of the published content for academic purpose. For commercial licensing and regulatory purposes, the publisher undertakes issue of grants and permission which could be either payable or non-payable based on the licensing terms.
  • Large scale demand for the reprints necessitates contribution for supporting the open access policy and publication.
  • The reprints can be specifically designed by including Journal logo, advertisements, cover page, issue specific graphics, and disclaimers.