Journal of Cellular Immunology and Cell Biology

About Journal of Cellular Immunology and Cell Biology

Immunology is fundamentally a biochemical study of the pathogenic mechanisms, host pathogen interaction, response to a pathogenic condition. Cellular Immunology concerned with the immunological activities of cells in experimental or clinical situations. It consists of several topics such as structural aspects and biochemical functions of antigen, antibodies, antigen receptors, histocompatibility, autoimmune response, cytotoxic response, immune response & regulation, cellular signalling, immunotherapy, immunogenetics, disease markers, microbial pathogenesis.

The scope of the journal encompasses the broad area of in vitro and in vivo studies of cellular immune responses. Relevant research topics include, innate immunity, adaptive immunity, bridge between innate and adaptive immunity, cross-talk between immune cells and tissue microenvironment, immunobiology and immunogenetics, tumor immunology, cells in immune-mediated diseases, immunopharmacology, infection immunology, neuroimmunology, transplantation immunology, and cell biology.