Journal of Chemistry and Analytical Biochemistry

About Journal of Chemistry and Analytical Biochemistry

Chemistry, in general deals with the study of matter, its configuration, composition, and reactions that bring about the change in matters’ structure, form and properties. Chemistry embodies scientific study of nano, micro and macro level composition of the matter and the chemical transformations and reactions that they undergo including both theoretical and practical approaches. It is mainly constituted by the analytical, inorganic, organic, physical, theoretical, polymer and environmental Chemistry. Chemistry had direct relevance to synthesis of advanced materials, in drug development, food science, and environment safety. Advances in chemistry has brought about a great improvement in the quality of human life by way of new drugs, increased agriculture produce, efficient energy derivation and utilization, healthy food and safe environment. Analytical Biochemistry deals with the methods for the basic biological sciences that include biochemistry, molecular genetics, cell biology, proteomics, immunology, and bioinformatics.