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Nursing deals with provision of health care to the needy patients. Specializations in nursing include primary health care nursing, pathophysiology, clinical management of patients, medication, treatment methodology, patient assessment, patient education and patient referrals. Community medicine deals with planning and management of public health services at community level. Community medicine is multidisciplinary in nature and includes interaction with government agencies, health policy implementation, support services, as well as with private sector. Specific specialized topics in community medicine includes health care delivery, health behaviour, health communications, health policy implementation, health service administration, epidemiology, biostatistics, family health, primary health, health laws and regulations. Nursing has immense relevance in helping families and communities in coping with disease and disorders and provides resources, education and assistance to overcome them and manage for improved quality of life. Community medicine aids in early detection, diagnosis and prevention of diseases at community level and focuses on improving population health status.

The topics covered by the Journal of Nursing and Community Medicine include critical care, psychiatric nursing, operation room nursing, neonatal nursing, emergency nursing and intensive care nursing. The Journal aims to furnish peer-reviewed and evidence based study outcomes and promotes integrated research oriented approach for the progress of nursing and health care delivery at community level by broadcasting reliable clinical information, insightful discussion and interpretations. The Journal serves as a reliable source of updated knowledge for health care community and public in general.

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