Journal of Orthopedics and Joint Diseases

About Journal of Orthopedics and Joint Diseases

Journal of Orthopedic and Joint Diseases is a quarterly open access, peer reviewed, international journal which focuses to bring out the research globally on the latest and novel technologies applied on orthopedics and joints health care. It covers the areas from molecular level to the tissue engineering, implantation and surgery. The journal publishes original research work, clinical studies, review articles, case reports, editorial, minireviews, and opinion review.

Orthopedic and joint diseases has increased the expectation of the doctors to treat the patients which led the researchers/ scientist to carry out the clinical research in these fields but not limited to pediatricorthopedic, traumatology, fracture healing, bone matrix, prostheses and implants, orthopedic surgery, osteoarthritis, arthritis, bone marrow replacement or transplantation, spinal surgery.

Journal Highlights: Bone grafting, musculoskeletal system, bone cancer, orthopedic trauma, joint replacement, sports medicine, laminectomy, knee arthroscopy, hip replacement, foot and ankle surgery.

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