Journal of Surgery and Critical Care


Advertorial Introduction

The Journal considers display of electronic advertisements on the main home page, special issue and regular issue flyers. The online advertisements can also be displayed in associate web links, table of content email alerts; web page call for papers, thus providing opportunity for advertising products & services, promotional and educational activities as well as job & workshop notifications. The publisher considers advertisements in the form of banners, video clip, images, gif, sliders, site sync and interstitial advertisements. The publisher offer both banner as well as flag advertisement space.

Advertisement Guidelines and Policy

  • The advertisements are initially screened and approved for display by the publisher. Publisher holds the right to reject or cancel the advertisement at any given point of time based on valid reason and after forwarding the notice to the advertising agency. At the most the Publisher is liable for re-advertising in the next session or issue release.
  • The advertisers have to provide high resolution images for display and the publisher will not be responsible display errors and lack of clarity.
  • The advertising material needs to be accompanied with relevant copyright permissions, if entire or a part of material is sourced. All advertising requests and material need to be sent one month prior to the event for evaluation.
  • The advertising agency contact details are used by the Publisher only for transaction purpose. All the National and International guidelines and recommendations needs to be complied by the advertising agency and the publisher cannot be held responsible for violation of Governmental act and policies regarding advertisements.
  • Advertisements for employment and job notifications have to be non-discriminatory and comply with National laws and regulations where the post recruited and must essentially reflect the advertising source as an equal opportunity employer.
  • The publisher does not endorse the product or service promoted by the advertiser.
  • Advertisement should not influence editorial policies and activities.
  • The publisher does not use the pixel space, beacons, cookies, tracking tags, for collecting personally identifiable information.


  • The open access publication model, wider geographical outreach and post-production digital promotion make us an excellent platform for product and service campaigning.
  • Our digital platforms are accessed by academic institutions, research organizations as well as subscribers that include eminent scientists, professionals and student communities.
  • The Publisher has world-wide readership among scientific communities as well as industry personnel and therefore provides opportunity to reach the specific end-users in targeted manner for the marketing requirements.
  • Advertising agencies from both private and public sector undertakings can avail the opportunity.

Payment & Cancellation

  • Payment can be made via online portal or through wired money transfer service.
  • Advertisers can cancel the order 7 days before the start of the campaign. If the cancellation is made within 7 days before the start of the campaign, then 50% of the campaigning fee shall be charged from the advertisers.

Warranty & Indemnity

  • The publisher reserves all rights over the advertisement regarding the form of display, space allotted.
  • The advertisements are displayed based on the warranty offered by the advertising agency.
  • The advertising body and the associated agency indemnify to hold the Publisher harmless against the expenses incurred for losses arising from display of the advertisement including claims for libel, copyright infringement and violation of the privacy without limitation.
  • All the advertisement must carry inbuilt advertiser trademark.