Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine Research

About Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine Research

Nanotechnology deals with the synthesis or assembly of nano-scale structures for specific functional application. Nanotechnology is one of the fast progressing fields with innumerable and diverse applications in the fields of electronics, optoelectronics, cosmetics, energy, textiles, food, medicine, agriculture, environment, and across industries. This subject is truly interdisciplinary in nature involving the concepts of biology, chemistry, physics, mechanical and electrical engineering. In medical field, nanotechnology is used for diagnostic purposes in detection of infectious diseases as well. Nanomedicines are composites of nanostructures and active pharmaceutical ingredients and are used for targeted delivery of pharmacologically active component or drug to the specific target site within the host site in a safe and effective manner. Some of the most popular applications of nanomedicine include cancer therapy and delivery of antimicrobials.

This journal heralds the principles, theory, practice, and application of these rapidly developing fields of nanotechnology and nanomedicine. The journal scope covers the design, manufacture, and assembly of nanostructures as well as their functional relevance to a wide range of application areas. The journal also covers the advanced analytical techniques such as scanning electron microscopy, Raman spectroscopy and photoelectron microscopy. The journal aims to furnish up- to-date scientific information on the progress made in the fields of nanotechnology and nanomedicine from all across the world. The journal lays special emphasis on some of the emerging and specialized topics including quantum mechanics, solid state physics, physical and chemical synthesis, analytical chemistry, material characterization such as thermal, mechanical, optical and magnetic properties. With the rise of environmental concerns the journal solicits articles describing the ecological impact of various nanotechnology and nano-medical applications.