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Psychology is the scientific study of human perception, thinking and behavior. Psychology has cognitive, social and developmental dimensions while neuroscience is the systematic study of the biological neurons and their networking in the nervous system in terms of their physiology, anatomy, molecular biology and cellular signaling. Research in this subject enhances our understanding of central nervous system all levels of function from cellular interactions to cognition and social interactions.

The Journal aims to furnish up to date scientific information on psychology and neuroscience for experimental scientists, practicing physicians, data science students, biochemists and pharmacists. In addition to the core fields and concepts of psychology and neuroscience The journal provides coverage of allied topics including anatomical studies, biochemical, physiological studies, mathematical modeling, electrical signaling, neuropharmacology, neurotransmitters, neural plasticity, brain imaging, stroke, clinical neuropsychology, epilepsy, seizures, sleep disorders, neurodegenerative conditions, and neurophysiology. The Journal strives to draw upon the academic, research and clinical explorations and outcomes from all across the world.

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