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Mirko Diksic

Mirko Diksic

Professor Emeritus
Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery
McGill University



Mirko Dikšić (b. Cvetković 1942.) is a radiochemist and neuroscientist.  Dr. Dikšić graduated in 1961 from the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Zagreb (Chem. Eng.). He obtained M.Sc. in 1968 and Ph.D in 1970 from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Zagreb.  Dr. Dikšić then moved to the McGill University in Montreal, Canada and worked as postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Chemistry at McGill University (1971-1973). He transferred to the Montreal Neurological Institute at the same University to work on Positron Emission Tomography (PET) research with academic appointment in the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery in 1978. Dr. Dikšić was Visiting Professor at the National Tsing- Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan in 1990 and at the King Faisal Hospital and Research Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1995. He has been a Full Professor since 1992. He is married, has two children and four grandchildren. Mirko Dikšić began his scientific career studying nuclear reactions as his speciality, but he was also successful in studying the problems of activation analysis and the production of radionuclides with cyclotrons. This experience was useful for his later appointment as an organiser and leader of the Cyclotron Unit at McGill in Montreal. One of his greatest achievements is the synthesis and application of radioactively labelled (11C, 14C, 3H) alpha- methyl-L-tryptophan used in the determination of the rate of serotonin synthesis “in vivo” in the brain. He has published more than 240 scientific papers in refereed journals. Mirko Dikšić is an exceptional person who is characterised by his extraordinary working energy, versatility, and his positive relationship with his colleagues and co-workers.

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Brain Disorders, Neuroscience