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Peer Review

Peer-review is a positive and constructive process that enhances the readability, presentation, clarity and ease of comprehension by the readers. The Maven Science Publisher follows a step-wise protocol for evaluating the scientific quality and merit of the manuscript.  

  • Step 1. The corresponding author submits the manuscript and the relevant documents by uploading at the Journal manuscript submission, tracking and editorial processing portal. Authors also opt to send their contributions via email to the editorial office as an attachment.
  • Step 2. The editorial management team of the Journal checks for adherence to the author guidelines and other requirements including grammatical aspects, tables &figures and references that are required for a standard publication.
  • Step 3. The Editor-in-Chief of the Journal conducts an initial evaluation of the manuscript in terms of the scope compatibility, originality and relevance. The Editor-in-Chief of the Journal may ask the authors to resubmit the manuscript along with suggestions to match the editorial objectives.
  • Step 4. The managing editorial team of the Journal then screens for suitable subject experts based on the status of their active peer-reviewer assignments, potential conflict of interest, availability and subject experience and send the invitations until atleast two reviewers have accepted the invitation for a manuscript.
  • Step 5. The Publisher follows a closed single blind peer-review policy where either the reviewer or the author is kept anonymous. Reviewers evaluate the manuscript based on internationally acclaimed standard review guidelines and provide their suggestions, comments and recommendations to the Journal editorial board. They may accept the manuscript for publication with either minor or major revisions or may even reject.
  • Step 6. The Editor-in-Chief, in consultation with the reviewers, authors and Journal managing editorial teams ensure the implementation of the suggested modifications and correction for manuscripts advised for revision before communicating the final decision to the corresponding author.
  • Step 7. Rejected manuscripts are returned to the author along with constructive comments to enable the authors improve the manuscript prior to resubmission.
  • Step 8. Accepted manuscripts are forwarded to the journal production team.